Annual Yabun Festival 2020 to mark The Survival Day for Aboriginals

Annual Yabun Festival 2020 to mark The Survival Day for Aboriginals 1

1st Round Line-Up Announcement

  • Shellie Morris
  • Buddy Knox
  • Kobie Dee
  • Philly


January 26 is formally celebrated as Australia Day, yet for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals (and any individual who esteems reality) it is known as Invasion Day or Survival Day. This is the day when British provincial specialists presumptuously made a case for this mainland, opening a time of ruthless dispossession, destruction and prejudice.

In Sydney, a large number of Aboriginal individuals, Torres Strait Islanders and their supporters will stamp Survival Day with the yearly Yabun Festival 2020 in Victoria Park. They will treat to a rich program of social exhibitions, dialogs, slows down, move and cooking classes and more and will sorted out by Koori Radio.

“Yabun” is a Gadigal word importance to make music with a beat and this is the thirteenth year the celebration will be held.

Annual Yabun Festival 2020 to mark The Survival Day for Aboriginals 2

The subject of the celebration this year will be “Endure” and a solid Kevin Cook Lecture will be conveyed by veteran Aboriginal and worker’s organization extremist Kevin Tory.

Uncle Max Eulo, from the Budjedi clan of western NSW, will do a conventional smoking function to invite individuals to the celebration. This will pursued by a corroboree highlighting the Doonooch Aboriginal artists from the South Coast and Albert David and the Torres Strait Islander artists.

Entertainers on the principle stage will incorporate the Desert Pea Media All Stars, Makikhoney, King Brown, Leah Flanagan, the Bart Willoughby Band, the Renegades of Munk and Emma Donovan and the Putbacks.

Annual Yabun Festival 2020 to mark The Survival Day for Aboriginals 3

The biggest one day social occasion and acknowledgment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies in Australia, held every year on 26th of January upon the conventional grounds of the Gadigal tribe in Sydney at Victoria Park.

Built up in 2001, Yabun (signifying ‘music to a beat’ in Gadigal language) is a free occasion that highlights unrecorded music, a clamoring slows down market, board discourses and network gatherings on Aboriginal issues, kids’ exercises, and conventional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social exhibitions.

Yabun Festival invites everybody to go along with us in this unique occasion which respects the endurance of the world’s most seasoned living society.

History of Yabun Festival

Yabun is a significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander celebration in Australia’s schedule, commending the endurance of culture, exhibiting the absolute best Indigenous ability in music and move and encouraging some of Indigenous Australia’s best masterminds and speakers. Hung on Survival Day – 26 January – it unites authority, network and change.

Signifying ‘melody with a beat’ in the nearby Sydney Gadigal language, Yabun was built up by Gadigal Information Service (GIS) which is home to Koori Radio. It was set up as a continuation of the Survival Day occasions held during the 1990s at La Perouse and Waverley Oval. The crucial such occasions was to hold something on Australia Day that is viewed ‘as a festival of the endurance of Aboriginal individuals, our societies and soul, out of appreciation for all who have battled for our entitlement to exist.’

After the first Survival Day occasion collapsed, GIS took over arranging the merriments with the assistance of the Australia Council and intented to deliver an occasion by the network, for network.

Annual Yabun Festival 2020 to mark The Survival Day for Aboriginals 4

Re-named and re-marked, with a similar strategic the memorable Survival Day shows, the first ‘Yabun’ was held at Waverley Oval in Bondi. The show’s first line-up was the comedic introduction of now stand-up veteran Sean Chooburra and Leah Purcell as MCs and highlighted exhibitions by Shakaya, the Stiff Gins, Glen Skuthorpe, the Black Turtles and down home music legend, the late Uncle Jimmy Little headling.

Moving to Redfern Park and now to it’s home in Victoria Park since 2002, the celebration has advanced with the network and it’s needs.

Yabun Festival Director, Miah Wright says that throughout the years the occasion has developed and changed in size as well as crowd assorted variety.

Annual Yabun Festival 2020 to mark The Survival Day for Aboriginals 5

“To start with, Yabun was an open door for the Aboriginal people group to meet up and observe First Nations individuals’ endurance, and was viewed as a huge, free network get-together to make up for lost time socially with family members and companions. Since those first occasions, the celebration has develop with respect to it’s crowd, growing in size and now drawing in hordes of around 35,000 individuals and a sharp increment in the quantity of non-Aboriginal and global guests on the day.”

Beginning with just music and move, the program has now extended to incorporate and address significant issues. A ‘Stand up’ tent highlighting boards with field pioneers and network individuals talking about the most significant subjects influencing First Nations people groups. Speakers, for example, Bruce Pascoe, Marcia Langton and Hon. Linda Burney have all been a piece of well known board dialogs that spotlights on where we might want to witness change. Today, the ‘Stand up’ tent has become so well known the setting tops off rapidly and celebration go-ers have thought that it was difficult to get a seat!

Annual Yabun Festival 2020 to mark The Survival Day for Aboriginals 6

The need to have a committed occasion, for example, Yabun for the Indigenous people group, however non-Indigenous and travelers the same is clear in the participation numbers. What’s more, with this development comes the help of corporates, givers and outer organizations have encouraged the developing celebration that it is.

A later expansion to the Yabun program is move, which has seen a major restoration as of late with comparable occasions, for example, Dance Rites, reviving networks to share tunes, stories, music and language. The Corroboree Ground exhibits 10 network move gatherings, a considerable lot of which traverse the state, and is one of the most well known stages at Yabun.

Annual Yabun Festival 2020 to mark The Survival Day for Aboriginals 7

With the development in the programming and crowd size, Yabun holds it’s establishing objective which was to give a space to family and network to meet up and re-interface, for some after numerous years separated and sometimes discover family they have never met.

Wright says that Yabun will consistently stay an occasion that has it’s locale needs as it’s concentration and if the date of Australia Day transforms, “We will look to our locale to perceive what they need to do and will pursue that lead.”

Yabun is a profoundly foreseen occasion that gives a positive social space to crowds to commend, share, and drench themselves on the planet’s most established enduring society.

Including unrecorded music, a corroborree ground, expressions and slows down and programs for the young and old.
Festival site is open from 10AM but the Welcome and Smoking Ceremony do not start until 11AM. If you’re not going to the march, make sure you make it down to the front of main stage for the opening and get yourself smoked, cleansed and ready for the day.

RememberIf you can’t make it into the city for Yabun Festival on 26th, here’s deadly alternative! Don’t forget Koori Radio 93.7FM will be broadcasting all day LIVE and DEADLY form Yabun all day, so if you find your self unable to go anywhere, tune in to hear all the action or stream it live from or download the Koori Radio app.

You can RSVP the Official Event on Facebook here.

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