Best Epub ebook reader for iPhone

Sometimes we forget that it is not strictly necessary to have a specific device, such as an eBook reader or an iPad, to read eBooks. Especially for occasional use, the iPhone that many of us keep in our pocket is more than enough for the purpose. 😊…….

First of all, why read eBooks on iPhone and not on the iPad?

Because it is possible that the iPad – both in the standard version with a 9.7 “screen and in the smaller 7.9” version of the iPad Mini – proves to be too much for our needs. At the bottom is the iPhone the object that we always have available, and this gives us the ability to instantly read eBooks, when and where we want, even if we had not planned this action.

Another advantage: reading with the iPhone on the subway or while waiting for the bus can greatly increase the sometimes very small time we dedicate to reading books.

As we are now used to do checking our profile on Facebook or post a tweet on Twitter, we can hand the beloved device to launch our favorite reading app, even for a few minutes. It may seem like a small thing, but believe it, it is not. It can make a difference.

Moreover, the iPhone offers the same versatility of reading. The only problem not indifferent, of course, we agree with you is given by the size of the screen, although it is also true that by rotating the screen horizontally we come to have roughly the width of a column of a newspaper.

Best Epub ebook reader for iPhone 1

Moreover, any reading program allows you to enlarge the characters to an extent certainly much larger than they appear printed on the paper, more readable even than those on the app of the usual Facebook. And if we do not encounter particular problems to read the various status updates and comments on FB, why should we have to read a book on an app for this?

In an interview published in the New York Times in early 2008, Steve Jobs declared with disarming candor “people do not read anymore”. We fly over the degree – albeit high – of the truthfulness of the statement: ironically, it is the iPhone, introduced by the volcanic and late Apple CEO, to be an excellent reading device. So, why not give him a chance to see whether he can do it for us?

Choose the app that suits your needs

The app preinstalled by Apple on its devices is iBook’s, but we are not obliged to use it, especially if it does not satisfy us completely. We can resort to other applications, without necessarily limiting ourselves to one. On the contrary, it is this versatility that represents one of the most advantageous aspects offered by tablets and smartphones compared to eReaders.

Use the combination of apps that best meet your needs

Using the Kindle app, we can turn our iPhone into a sophisticated Kindle eBook reader.

Similarly, by using the Nook, Kobo, or Google Play Books apps, in addition to achieving the same result, we will have the ability to directly access our favorite library.

There are two types of apps for eBooks on the iTunes AppStore:

  • eBook readers
  • eBooks in the app

ebook reader for iPhone not only allows reading, but also the management of our eBook library. Many online digital libraries offer their own reading app for the iOS platform (the one used by iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).

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