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EBooks: Interesting app for iPad

The release of the iPad has brought to the forefront of reading applications for eBooks for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones …). For readers who do not want to invest in a dedicated device, this software may be of interest. We reviewed the main applications of the genre

The holidays are over for some but they start for others. Reading is obviously a seasonal activity, but rather than carrying a stack of paperbacks, some users prefer electronic books, dematerialized and leaving obviously more space in the suitcases. We have already made comparisons of eBooks readers, but if these dedicated devices have some advantages (including their electronic ink-like screen), mobile devices such as smartphones, some players or obviously the Apple iPad also serves as e-book readers, via third-party applications.

The release of the iPad is not foreign to a renewed interest in this type of application. These are obviously not new, and several readers of eBooks already existed for platforms such as Symbian or Windows Mobile: this is the case of Mob Pocket Reader or Microsoft Reader, which do not demerit on the concerned OS. Nevertheless, since the release of Amazon’s Kindle and iPad, we have seen a new wave of applications that we are looking into this test.

Along with the tablet, Apple has unveiled its own application, iBook’s, associated with a new online store, the iBook Store, to buy or download free books on iPad, and now on iPhone and iPod Touch since iOS 4.0. Publishers already in the category have been quick to respond, including Amazon whose Kindle application has been ported to iPad (in addition to versions iPhone, Android and Blackberry already available) and has recently benefited from several updates significant. Between these two competitors, we find other applications that are better known. This is the case of Stanza for iOS and Aldiko for Android. Let us see what this free app (but sometimes associated with a partially paid catalog) has to offer for their respective platforms.

EBooks: Interesting app for iPad 1


DRM update

Who says e-book says, unfortunately, DRM in most cases. In addition, if you are nostalgic about the time when buying music online was a real ordeal because of the multiple incompatible DRMs between them, get ready to go back, nostalgically reminding you of your first unreadable albums. The situation of DRM in electronic publishing is simply a bag of nodes, already found on dedicated devices.

As we have already noted, it has several ebook formats, including the ePub format. Of course, for paid works, these formats use incompatible DRMs. But as that was not enough, Amazon entered the market with its own format for its Kindle reader, which is also found on mobile devices because a version of Kindle is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android. Remained Apple, and if a vague hope remained because of the adoption of the format ePub for the application iBook’s, it was quickly swept: as for the music spent time and for the video, Apple uses its own DRM for the iBook Store! We can read books in ePub reader for iPad and even PDF since the 1.1 updates, but only without DRM!

Download ePub Reader Books for Android

The format of EPUB books is as popular as FB2, which greatly simplifies the search for books on the Internet. It has long since come up with a lot of converters that convert the same FB2 to any other, while retaining important features, including built-in pictures and stuff that occurs when marking this format. However, here is to find an excellent EPUB reader – this is the whole problem that right now can be solved by the application on the android ePub Book Reader.

Searching for books in the free ePub application. The Book Reader happens in automatic mode and it does not matter which folder the file was hidden in, the search will find everything and display a book with the cover, the name, and the author’s name. The indicator at the bottom of the card is the progress of reading. If the library is large, then the search will not be superfluous. Any book can be hidden by clicking the menu button to the right of the name and selecting the item of the same name. You can display hidden books using the main menu. The reader is very simple and the page itself is displayed a bit unusual, as for other readers.

Download ePub Reader Books for Android 2

The page is made in the form of a long scroll that spins down or up, but thanks to the active zones that are located on the left and right side of the screen, the reader is able to make smooth transitions between parts of the text, therefore it is useless to flip to the desired border independently. Increase/decrease the font or indentation, as well as activate the night mode, from the main menu inside the reader, not the application. To hide the interface while reading and make the text on the full screen, you need to click once in the center of the screen. By the way, the selection of words works fine but uses a standard system interface, so the text can only be copied or immediately shared via another program.

Settings allow you to disable the display of covers, switch pages using the volume buttons, and choose the default screen orientation and disable the sending of anonymous data regarding the use of only this application. Let us sum up: ePub Reader for android recognizes its basic format without any complaints, and the reader is captivated by its simplicity and the absence of a lot of tinsel.

Thanks to such a program, reading on tablets and smartphones is no less convenient than with a paper book in hand. You can also try some ePub readers for Android.

  1. ebook

This simple reader offers only the most necessary functions, so as not to distract you from reading. Just set up the fonts and background once – and enjoy your favorite books. The program perfectly interprets the markup of the text, so you do not need to adjust the paragraphs and indents in each new book.

eBooks supports synchronization between Android-devices and read an impressive number of formats. Plus, the app is completely free and does not display ads.

Supported formats: FB2, EPUB, DOC, DOCX, MOBI, PRC, TXT, RTF, ODT and HTML.

  1. Play Books

Another good read, designed for fans of minimalism. “Play Books” supports much fewer formats than eBoox, but offers cross-platform synchronization between Android, iOS and the web, as well as the ability to quickly purchase books from the built-in store. You can add your books for free. Application without ads.

Supported formats: PDF, EPUB.

  1. Bookmate

Bookmate – this is a simple convenient reader, and a social network for fans of books, and a service for legal access to thousands of works by subscription. You do not have to pay; you can read classical books for free and, of course, upload your own. You have a system of book recommendations and synchronization between devices and platforms.

Supported formats: FB2, EPUB.

How to install and use EPUB reader in PC

In this article, there are programs with which you can read electronic, digital books in ePub format. The ePub format is one of the most common e-book formats. Moreover, recently this format has become an international standard.

By its technical characteristics, ePub is very close to HTML-pages, which is very convenient for placing such books on the Internet. In turn, we all know that for browsing the Internet and reading the HTML-pages placed on the worldwide network, special programs are needed – browsers. The most famous among them today are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Similarly, for reading e-book files in ePub format, you need your own programs, your specialized book browsers. They are usually called reader programs. These programs have special requirements because reading books takes a lot longer than reading HTML pages. The main task of all such products is to create the most comfortable conditions for reading the book by selecting the best parameters for displaying text and view modes.

Book browsers are produced by software development companies, as well as by a large number of enthusiasts, i.e. programmers, who on their own initiative create these or other programs. Therefore, now, the number of such read-only programs are quite large, they differ among themselves in different parameters, written for different operating systems and for various reading devices – stationary computers and laptops, readers, smartphones, tablets.

How to install and use EPUB reader in PC 3

This article presents some of these read-only programs, which we selected quite subjectively – from the point of view of personal experience of using them, ease of finding and installing, usability. *

In this review, we did not set ourselves the task of detailing the functionality of each program. The purpose of this publication is to get acquainted with the programs that a regular user can use, looking at them with the eyes of another, the same ordinary user.

These programs can be used on stationary computers and laptops.

Cool Reader

It is a convenient free ePub reader for the Pc. Interestingly; an author, not even by a programmer, but simply by a computer lover, developed it. In addition, it was developed so well that it was included in the procurement list for the US military department.

The program runs under different operating systems (Windows, Android, and Linux). It has many different features, for example, adjusting the font size, type and color, adjusting the color of the pages, 6 built-in backgrounds, support for “page” and “scroll” visual modes, supporting content with hyperlinks, the ability to create bookmarks, etc.

In general, it has enough settings for selecting the most comfortable for the eyes of text display and a simple and intuitive interface. The program is Russified, does not require installation.

AL Reader

A good reader under the Windows operating system. It differs in its more artistic presentation of the text. It also has a lot of settings for displaying text.

The program does not require installation.

ICE Book Reader

A powerful ePub reader for computer/laptop. Works under the Windows operating system. It has a lot of settings, which makes it more difficult to use on first acquaintance. The program requires installation.



Some reasons why e-books are better than printed book

With the advancement of technologies, e-books are largely increasing in the number of printed books since they are available on the internet and the internet is pretty much everywhere nowadays. Even though if you ask a reader what they find better you’re probably going to get the answer the sensation of holding a book and physically having something to read with that paper print is what all readers like.

You can get them quicker

These days all payments are mostly paid by debit or credit cards online either you buy something electronic or something such as which has to be delivered to your house. The same goes for printed books even when you pay for them online they take time to get delivered to your house. Whereas in the case of e-books the moment you pay for them you have access to the book right away some are even available for free. If you need to access information instantly e-books are a far better option than printed books.

E-books easier to upgrade and update

The information these days is getting updated almost every day on specific subjects while printed books cannot stay up to date it is only updated to the point when it was printed. While the e-books are updated to the present point and some of which you even get free updates if the book is amended or something.

Some reasons why e-books are better than printed book 4

E-books give surprises too

E-books usually get you some extra information along with them you don’t get this in printed books. E-books might cost more or even to the printed books but they get you more.

E-books only take up virtual space

Whereas the printed books take up a lot of space and some people end up making whole libraries inside the house but now if you buy e-books instead you can simply just get a hard drive may be, plus e-books don’t even take too much virtual space.

E-books portability

E-books are more easily portable compared to printed books. We carry our cell phones everywhere. E-books can be stored in cell phones so they can be carried around easily. Whereas printed books you have to carry around they take up space other than your cell phone.

You can custom out your e-books

Many writers and companies will allow you to use their name and publish or sell with your name on the book covers. It’s all dependants on what the writer allows and what not.

E-books are not restricted to a physical searches. You can simply go search the whole book for any specific information without having to spend a lot of time.


 E-books don’t consume trees

While your printed books use up pages which are made by cutting trees harming the environment. E-books don’t need that they can be stored in virtually without having to consume trees to print out on typical pages. If you’re interested in switching over to e-books and want to try them out visit to buy books and may even get one for free.

What is an epub reader? – Download free epub reader for android, windows, and blackberry


As the world change with advancement in technology, life goes on hectic and challenging day by day. Nowadays people like to read a book on their computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices. With the revival of an electronic or digital book or e-book the popularity of printed books are kept on decreasing because of change in lifestyle and thinking.

This is the high time of the easy approach in every aspect of life and hobbies. This is all about our article is, people who have reading hobbies like to read book on their pc, tablets, smartphones, etc. due to the fact they can take their books in smartphone with them, reading book on tablets offer great experience as these are easy to carry, light in weight, compact and capable of storing hundreds of books in a time.

To make your reading experience easier and delightful — the most popular software or app is used known as an epub reader. In this article, you can explore epub e-book reader for various devices and all related information.

What are the epub files and epub readers?

An epub is commonly known as an electronic publication, basically an e-book file format along with extensive. Anyone can download and read epub files on devices like tablets, smartphones, computers or e-reader, etc. Electronic publication or epub is an ebook format standard made by International Digital Publishing Forum. Epub file format extension is designed to be used on tablets, smartphones or committed e-book readers. It is the highest independent e-book file format supporter.

By overriding the previous and older open ebook standard epub introduced as the official standard of IDPF in the year 2007 of September. Epub 3is approved by the book industry study group and endorsed as the packaging content prime format along with this they also stated that the industry of global book publishing should be gathered around this standard. Epub is the vendor-independent XML-based e-book format and it is largely supported by wide-ranging hardware readers. Irrelevant to PDF epub is an XML-based e-book standard format.

What is an epub reader? – Download free epub reader for android, windows, and blackberry 5

How epub reader works?

The epub reader helps you to open or read or view epub documents and e-books. These are mostly free epub readers.  However, the software edge comprises of two essential parts on the right side it shows a browser to view document content while the left side shows the document directory chapter. This is the easiest software to use as it is freeware and entirely free to use.

About EPUB Format

As mentioned above epub is an e-book publishing format that is XML-based although the content of the file is expressed like XHTML. The epub format is surprisingly popular when someone has an e-book in this format all they need to have an epub reader.

What are the features of the epub reader?

These are the features supported by the epub format and epub readers, which include:

  • It optimizes text for specific display and it is known as reflowable document
  • Another useful feature is fixed-layout content because of this particular kind of best-designed content, pre-paginated content is though very useful for example illustrated books are specifically designed to use for larger screens like tablets.
  • The epub format also supports vector images and inline raster as well as CSS and metadata styling as like HTML website
  • Page bookmarking, notes and passage highlighting are also the features of the epub reader
  • The library is also the feature which stores books and can be easily searched
  • Background colors, re-sizable fonts, and changeable text
  • It supports MathML subset
  • It also contains digital right management DRM as an optional layer
  • Global language support
  • Embedded fonts
  • Audio and video embedded
  • Hyphenation
  • Enhanced metadata

However, the epub specifications do not suggest or apply any certain DRM scheme. This could be the reason that affects the support level for several DRM systems on various devices as well as affects the compactness of purchased e-book. Therefore this DRM mismatch could cause epub format’s segment and the lines of the DRM system as well.

As discussed before free epub readers used to view or convert the epub file into pdf. There are hundreds of epub readers available for various devices or support various devices like epub readers for pc, epub readers for android apk, epub readers for iPad, epub readers for mac, epub readers for Linux, epub readers for iPhone and epub readers for blackberry.

Let us know each of the epub readers one by one to have a better idea.

EPUB Readers for Windows

EPUB Reader for Windows is the software or program which helps you to view epub files. It is the basic reader which let you read your collection of comics, documents, and e-books. However, features and interface of epub reader software vary but mostly epub readers contain converter to change epub files to pdf files. You can easily zoom out or zoom in chapters by using epub readers for windows.

epub readers are easy to use and easy to convert files although most software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, windows vista, windows 2003 and Windows 8. Some of the free epub readers for pc are strictly compatible with few operating systems, therefore, it is important to check before downloading. There are several paid Epub readers for windows available but fortunately, several free epub readers for windows help you open your e-book or other documents.

Among the best free eReading software or app nook, Sumatra, caliber and icecream epub reader is the best. Now you can read magazines, comics, newspapers and electronic books by using these applications. All you need to do is simply download the epub reader for windows and start reading today. For downloading epub reader you should follow each and every instruction carefully.

What is an epub reader? – Download free epub reader for android, windows, and blackberry 6

EPUB reader for android apk

Now you can read and view the epub file on your android by using the free epub reader for android apk. You need to download the free epub reader for android on your phone and start reading your e-book. There are various popular and best epub reader apps available for android such as kindle, google play books, Ildiko, moon plus and mantano ebook reader app. With the advancement of technology, people like to take their favorite books with them on smartphones or tablets. These e-book readers provide a great experience of reading an e-book on smartphones or tablets.

The best ebook app googles playbook offers a various best feature which you can expect from best reader app. It supports epub e-book format also the best feature of this app is sync across all devices you can resume reading again where you left on your tablets and smartphones. For the best reading experience, the Kindle app is also preferred also this app offers a wide range of book collections. However, the moon is the reading app providing various cool effects and features for the reader’s safety and convenience.

While the aldiko reader app is supposed to be the best ever because this app supports most of the e-book formats such as PDF, EPUB, and Adobe DRM encrypted books.

epub readers for Mac and iPhone

We all love to read an e-book on tablets and computers but someone needs to read it on mac. Therefore several epub readers for Mac are available which provides easy and best experience of reading without any kind of trouble. It is important to mention that all epub readers’ apps are not compatible with intel mac but there are few best free epub readers for Mac available.

For all those who love Apple default, iBooks is the best electronic book app that offers a beautiful library interface than any other app. It supports the macOS operating system, iOS, and other devices. By using this epub reader io, the app you can adjust the size, color, and type of pages as well as you can highlight the definition and add notes. With this, there are several other customized options available in this app of epub reader iPad. This app is the perfect option if you have an iPhone or iPad. This free epub reader for iPhone also allows syncing the books between mac and iPad or iPhone.

Kobo and nook both offered the best epub reader software for mac. However, these two readers do not allow importing a book from the store. But adobe digital edition is the best reader for Mac enables you to open book such books from the outside store. Adobe digital edition opens a book that is protected by Adobe DRM although this app can’t open books from iBookstore and Kindle store.

What is an epub reader? – Download free epub reader for android, windows, and blackberry 7

Epub reader Linux

Do you want to read an e-book? and you are a Linux user then you have all rights to read your favorite book on your Linux by using free epub readers Linux. As there are several ebook reader apps that will not only serve your purpose of reading but also organizes your ebook collection. Such best epub readers for Linux are best compatible or suited for epub, pdf and another ebook format.

Whether you are using Ubuntu or non-ubuntu Linux distribution you can easily find installation instructions to install these apps. Caliber is the renowned app for Linux it is not just an ebook reader but it is a complete ebook solution. It offers easy to use and easy to manage features. By using this app you can easily create a professional ebook. It featured a powerful ebook manager, creation, and editing of the ebook.

It supports the wide-ranging format and also offers the feature of syncing with other readers. Also, you can convert one e-book format to another format. FBReader is a multi-platform, open-source and lightweight ebook reader. It also supports various formats such as fb2, HTML, RTF, Mobi, and epub. It allows access to famous libraries or stores from where you can get ebooks for free or purchase ebooks. This ebook-reader offers several features or options to select bookmarks, fonts, colors, page-turning animation and dictionaries.

However, ocular and lucid are also the best ebook readers for Linux which offer various useful features.

EPUB reader for blackberry

If you are a blackberry user and want to read ebook so here we offer you the best solution in form of free epub readers for blackberry. We all know that blackberry is not an easy phone when it comes to finding the best app for it. Also, you should not try every reader app for your blackberry it’s may cause harm. For blackberry users and ebook lovers kindle cloud reader app is the best one to give it a try.

This is the best app to support various formats and provides several features as well. The book reader is another best and great ebook reader for blackberry offer great reading experience to its users. This app has a DRM free library to discover new ebooks and authors. If we focus the market kindle book and book reader for epub are the leading ebook apps which are known in the App world marketplace. It can read a multitude of other formats like PDB, AZW, PRC, FB.ZIP, TXT, FB2, and CHM. The great aspect of this app is it can read Mobi and epub books that are DRM free.

Overdrive is another best epub reader especially for blackberry users to experience and discover the depth of writing in e-books. However, the play epub reader is another best app for reading ebooks. This app is not much versatile and cannot read another format besides epub. While the core features are quite impressive like tap screen for a previous/next page, reading in book-like style pagination, and swipe right/left for the required chapter. Moreover, Kobo reader for playbook is one of the best ebook readers for blackberry. This best-featured program enables the user to read the free or paid books from their store collection of 2.6 million books.

Download Epub reader: the best programs for window

This article is devoted to programs that help to read e-books. I think no one will dispute the fact that it is not always convenient to read books in the same Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader?

Whether specialized programs support a bunch of formats (PDF, FB2, DOC, etc.), draw covers (previews) to books where you can easily and quickly change the background color, font size, hyphens, e. All this greatly facilitates both readings and working with the electronic library on the disk.

So, let us get to the point…


FBReader is a multifunctional program for reading electronic books. In addition to Windows, it runs on platforms such as Phone, Android, Mac OS X, Linux, and many others (although if it is actually a leading reader for Windows, then with all other platforms it is far from all so rosy …).

Download Epub reader: the best programs for window 8

The reader supports all popular formats of books: ePub, fb2, Mobi, HTML, etc.

In its arsenal there is also a network library – it combines free and paid catalogs. Now the download and purchase of books became possible in a few clicks, without leaving the reading room!

By the way, books on the network can be stored on your cloud drive – Google Drive. Due to this, access to the library can be obtained from any device: phone, laptop, personal computer (which is very convenient, you can watch at home or somewhere on the road).

I would also mention such features as font setting (size, type, color, line spacing, etc.), a page leaf (for example, the color of the background), the choice of the way of paging the pages, and much more. In fact, you can configure the program so that it is convenient to read the book even on a small monitor!

Cool Reader

The most convenient program for reading and categorizing e-books (personally, I do not know who to give priority to – Cool Reader or FBReader). It will be very useful for anyone who is uncomfortable reading large texts in Word, notebook, etc. programs not intended for this.

Main advantages:

  • Quality adjustment of the text display: the ability to fine-tune the font (size, indents, line spacing, paragraphs, etc.), smoothing, smooth scrolling of the page, etc.
  • the ability to customize the reading of the text aloud (though, for this, you will need to use a special engine
  • the program automatically recognizes paragraphs, headings, quotes, and other text elements;
  • Can open a book from the archives of the format: RAR, ZIP, ARJ, etc. .;
  • supports the most popular book formats: txt, fb2, HTML, RTF, doc;

There is an opportunity from ordinary books (text) – to make audio. Naturally, the received audio track can be downloaded to the player and enjoy your favorite book on the road;

A handy book cataloger will allow you to sort your entire library on the hard disk (screenshot below);

Cool Reader remembers all the recent open books, the pages on which they finished reading, remembers all the bookmarks that were made.

AL Reader

It is an excellent universal ePub reader for window. The program works on most popular platforms: Android, Windows, Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

In its arsenal, a rich set of functions, the flexibility of settings allows you to tailor any book to your monitor and your vision. The program is completely free for Russian-speaking users.

Best Epub ebook reader for iPhone

Sometimes we forget that it is not strictly necessary to have a specific device, such as an eBook reader or an iPad, to read eBooks. Especially for occasional use, the iPhone that many of us keep in our pocket is more than enough for the purpose. 😊…….

First of all, why read eBooks on iPhone and not on the iPad?

Because it is possible that the iPad – both in the standard version with a 9.7 “screen and in the smaller 7.9” version of the iPad Mini – proves to be too much for our needs. At the bottom is the iPhone the object that we always have available, and this gives us the ability to instantly read eBooks, when and where we want, even if we had not planned this action.

Another advantage: reading with the iPhone on the subway or while waiting for the bus can greatly increase the sometimes very small time we dedicate to reading books.

As we are now used to do checking our profile on Facebook or post a tweet on Twitter, we can hand the beloved device to launch our favorite reading app, even for a few minutes. It may seem like a small thing, but believe it, it is not. It can make a difference.

Moreover, the iPhone offers the same versatility of reading. The only problem not indifferent, of course, we agree with you is given by the size of the screen, although it is also true that by rotating the screen horizontally we come to have roughly the width of a column of a newspaper.

Best Epub ebook reader for iPhone 9

Moreover, any reading program allows you to enlarge the characters to an extent certainly much larger than they appear printed on the paper, more readable even than those on the app of the usual Facebook. And if we do not encounter particular problems to read the various status updates and comments on FB, why should we have to read a book on an app for this?

In an interview published in the New York Times in early 2008, Steve Jobs declared with disarming candor “people do not read anymore”. We fly over the degree – albeit high – of the truthfulness of the statement: ironically, it is the iPhone, introduced by the volcanic and late Apple CEO, to be an excellent reading device. So, why not give him a chance to see whether he can do it for us?

Choose the app that suits your needs

The app preinstalled by Apple on its devices is iBook’s, but we are not obliged to use it, especially if it does not satisfy us completely. We can resort to other applications, without necessarily limiting ourselves to one. On the contrary, it is this versatility that represents one of the most advantageous aspects offered by tablets and smartphones compared to eReaders.

Use the combination of apps that best meet your needs

Using the Kindle app, we can turn our iPhone into a sophisticated Kindle eBook reader.

Similarly, by using the Nook, Kobo, or Google Play Books apps, in addition to achieving the same result, we will have the ability to directly access our favorite library.

There are two types of apps for eBooks on the iTunes AppStore:

  • eBook readers
  • eBooks in the app

ebook reader for iPhone not only allows reading, but also the management of our eBook library. Many online digital libraries offer their own reading app for the iOS platform (the one used by iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).