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The format of EPUB books is as popular as FB2, which greatly simplifies the search for books on the Internet. It has long since come up with a lot of converters that convert the same FB2 to any other, while retaining important features, including built-in pictures and stuff that occurs when marking this format. However, here is to find an excellent EPUB reader – this is the whole problem that right now can be solved by the application on the android ePub Book Reader.

Searching for books in the free ePub application. The Book Reader happens in automatic mode and it does not matter which folder the file was hidden in, the search will find everything and display a book with the cover, the name, and the author’s name. The indicator at the bottom of the card is the progress of reading. If the library is large, then the search will not be superfluous. Any book can be hidden by clicking the menu button to the right of the name and selecting the item of the same name. You can display hidden books using the main menu. The reader is very simple and the page itself is displayed a bit unusual, as for other readers.

Download ePub Reader Books for Android 1

The page is made in the form of a long scroll that spins down or up, but thanks to the active zones that are located on the left and right side of the screen, the reader is able to make smooth transitions between parts of the text, therefore it is useless to flip to the desired border independently. Increase/decrease the font or indentation, as well as activate the night mode, from the main menu inside the reader, not the application. To hide the interface while reading and make the text on the full screen, you need to click once in the center of the screen. By the way, the selection of words works fine but uses a standard system interface, so the text can only be copied or immediately shared via another program.

Settings allow you to disable the display of covers, switch pages using the volume buttons, and choose the default screen orientation and disable the sending of anonymous data regarding the use of only this application. Let us sum up: ePub Reader for android recognizes its basic format without any complaints, and the reader is captivated by its simplicity and the absence of a lot of tinsel.

Thanks to such a program, reading on tablets and smartphones is no less convenient than with a paper book in hand. You can also try some ePub readers for Android.

  1. ebook

This simple reader offers only the most necessary functions, so as not to distract you from reading. Just set up the fonts and background once – and enjoy your favorite books. The program perfectly interprets the markup of the text, so you do not need to adjust the paragraphs and indents in each new book.

eBooks supports synchronization between Android-devices and read an impressive number of formats. Plus, the app is completely free and does not display ads.

Supported formats: FB2, EPUB, DOC, DOCX, MOBI, PRC, TXT, RTF, ODT and HTML.

  1. Play Books

Another good read, designed for fans of minimalism. “Play Books” supports much fewer formats than eBoox, but offers cross-platform synchronization between Android, iOS and the web, as well as the ability to quickly purchase books from the built-in store. You can add your books for free. Application without ads.

Supported formats: PDF, EPUB.

  1. Bookmate

Bookmate – this is a simple convenient reader, and a social network for fans of books, and a service for legal access to thousands of works by subscription. You do not have to pay; you can read classical books for free and, of course, upload your own. You have a system of book recommendations and synchronization between devices and platforms.

Supported formats: FB2, EPUB.

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