Download Epub reader: the best programs for window

This article is devoted to programs that help to read e-books. I think no one will dispute the fact that it is not always convenient to read books in the same Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader?

Whether specialized programs support a bunch of formats (PDF, FB2, DOC, etc.), draw covers (previews) to books where you can easily and quickly change the background color, font size, hyphens, e. All this greatly facilitates both readings and working with the electronic library on the disk.

So, let us get to the point…


FBReader is a multifunctional program for reading electronic books. In addition to Windows, it runs on platforms such as Phone, Android, Mac OS X, Linux, and many others (although if it is actually a leading reader for Windows, then with all other platforms it is far from all so rosy …).

Download Epub reader: the best programs for window 1

The reader supports all popular formats of books: ePub, fb2, Mobi, HTML, etc.

In its arsenal there is also a network library – it combines free and paid catalogs. Now the download and purchase of books became possible in a few clicks, without leaving the reading room!

By the way, books on the network can be stored on your cloud drive – Google Drive. Due to this, access to the library can be obtained from any device: phone, laptop, personal computer (which is very convenient, you can watch at home or somewhere on the road).

I would also mention such features as font setting (size, type, color, line spacing, etc.), a page leaf (for example, the color of the background), the choice of the way of paging the pages, and much more. In fact, you can configure the program so that it is convenient to read the book even on a small monitor!

Cool Reader

The most convenient program for reading and categorizing e-books (personally, I do not know who to give priority to – Cool Reader or FBReader). It will be very useful for anyone who is uncomfortable reading large texts in Word, notebook, etc. programs not intended for this.

Main advantages:

  • Quality adjustment of the text display: the ability to fine-tune the font (size, indents, line spacing, paragraphs, etc.), smoothing, smooth scrolling of the page, etc.
  • the ability to customize the reading of the text aloud (though, for this, you will need to use a special engine
  • the program automatically recognizes paragraphs, headings, quotes, and other text elements;
  • Can open a book from the archives of the format: RAR, ZIP, ARJ, etc. .;
  • supports the most popular book formats: txt, fb2, HTML, RTF, doc;

There is an opportunity from ordinary books (text) – to make audio. Naturally, the received audio track can be downloaded to the player and enjoy your favorite book on the road;

A handy book cataloger will allow you to sort your entire library on the hard disk (screenshot below);

Cool Reader remembers all the recent open books, the pages on which they finished reading, remembers all the bookmarks that were made.

AL Reader

It is an excellent universal ePub reader for window. The program works on most popular platforms: Android, Windows, Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

In its arsenal, a rich set of functions, the flexibility of settings allows you to tailor any book to your monitor and your vision. The program is completely free for Russian-speaking users.

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