How to install and use EPUB reader in PC

In this article, there are programs with which you can read electronic, digital books in ePub format. The ePub format is one of the most common e-book formats. Moreover, recently this format has become an international standard.

By its technical characteristics, ePub is very close to HTML-pages, which is very convenient for placing such books on the Internet. In turn, we all know that for browsing the Internet and reading the HTML-pages placed on the worldwide network, special programs are needed – browsers. The most famous among them today are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Similarly, for reading e-book files in ePub format, you need your own programs, your specialized book browsers. They are usually called reader programs. These programs have special requirements because reading books takes a lot longer than reading HTML pages. The main task of all such products is to create the most comfortable conditions for reading the book by selecting the best parameters for displaying text and view modes.

Book browsers are produced by software development companies, as well as by a large number of enthusiasts, i.e. programmers, who on their own initiative create these or other programs. Therefore, now, the number of such read-only programs are quite large, they differ among themselves in different parameters, written for different operating systems and for various reading devices – stationary computers and laptops, readers, smartphones, tablets.

How to install and use EPUB reader in PC 1

This article presents some of these read-only programs, which we selected quite subjectively – from the point of view of personal experience of using them, ease of finding and installing, usability. *

In this review, we did not set ourselves the task of detailing the functionality of each program. The purpose of this publication is to get acquainted with the programs that a regular user can use, looking at them with the eyes of another, the same ordinary user.

These programs can be used on stationary computers and laptops.

Cool Reader

It is a convenient free ePub reader for the Pc. Interestingly; an author, not even by a programmer, but simply by a computer lover, developed it. In addition, it was developed so well that it was included in the procurement list for the US military department.

The program runs under different operating systems (Windows, Android, and Linux). It has many different features, for example, adjusting the font size, type and color, adjusting the color of the pages, 6 built-in backgrounds, support for “page” and “scroll” visual modes, supporting content with hyperlinks, the ability to create bookmarks, etc.

In general, it has enough settings for selecting the most comfortable for the eyes of text display and a simple and intuitive interface. The program is Russified, does not require installation.

AL Reader

A good reader under the Windows operating system. It differs in its more artistic presentation of the text. It also has a lot of settings for displaying text.

The program does not require installation.

ICE Book Reader

A powerful ePub reader for computer/laptop. Works under the Windows operating system. It has a lot of settings, which makes it more difficult to use on first acquaintance. The program requires installation.



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