Invasion Day 2020 – Australia Day for Aboriginal, Indigenous people

Australia Day for Aboriginals

The 26th of January denotes a significant day of dissent in alleged Australia. A day of grieving, versatility and protection from colonization. Every year, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are joined by those in solidarity to walk along the central avenues of Narrm/Melbourne to fight the acknowledgment of a national day of viciousness.

Go along with us to make mass signs, notices and notices that you can bring along to energize.

Queerspace Youth makes space for youngsters who distinguish as Queer, Trans, non-twofold, sexual orientation various and/or Questioning. We’re come up short on drummond road benefits, an emotional wellness bolster administrations run by individuals from the LGBTQIA people group.

(in)visible is a program that is a space for the individuals who recognize as being QTIPOC (strange, trans, intersex non-white individual). This additionally incorporates those of confidence and the individuals who aren’t out also.

We recognize the Wurundjeri individuals of the Kulin countries as the conventional caretakers of the land where we work. We offer our feelings of appreciation to older folks over a significant time span and recognize their resistence to colonization. Sway has never been surrendered and bargains have never been agreed upon.

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What is Invasion Day?

On January 26, 1788 the First Fleet landed at Port Jackson, and Arthur Phillip raised the Union Jack on the place that is known for the Eora country. This was an attack that had disastrous and lamentable ramifications for every one of the people groups and countries who had lives here for tens or thousands of years, and for their relatives.

What pursued was fierce wilderness brutality, slaughters, the constrained expulsion of youngsters from their families, obligated and slave work and viciousness endeavors to wipe our First Nations language and culture.

This isn’t a day to celebrate. By proceeding to observe Australian on January 26 we deny reality with regards to our common history.

We join to honor all Sovereign First Peoples who safeguarded and kicked the bucket in the Frontier Wars, slaughters crosswise over Australia, just as the individuals who keep on dieing in care right up ’til the present time.

Through their versatility, boldness, grit and penance securing families, networks and Country they will consistently be recalled.

We perceive that colonization and slaughter are continuous procedures that proceed right up ’til the present time and that Sovereignty over Country was never surrendered.

This consistently was and consistently will be Aboriginal land.

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For a huge number of years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people groups have been the overseers of the nation we presently call Australia. Today, all Australians are glad that the most established living society on the planet lives here on our property and inside our shores.

On Australia Day our profound regard for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is imbued into everything that we embrace as a major aspect of our recognitions. Be that as it may, in doing so we recognize that the 26th of January is a date that, for some, is a token of the hurt brought about by the appearance of Europeans to this land.

Our craving is that Australia Day is a period, most importantly, for incorporation, just as an open door for more noteworthy comprehension and compromise among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

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We trust that it very well may be a day wherein Australians from all foundations meet up and praise the achievement and good faith of our cutting edge, tolerant and multicultural society and the quality and flexibility of our first people groups.

We focus on connecting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people group, older folks and people groups about Australia Day exercises in a genuine organization, remembering looking for guidance and authorization to draw for this lively and significant culture.

We recognize the conventional proprietors of the nations and grounds on which Australia Day exercises happen, especially the Gadigal, who are the customary proprietors of the terrains around Sydney Harbor.

Also, more than that, we plan to connect all Australians at a more profound level as we keep on moving in the direction of the best articulation of our national day exercises, guaranteeing that each part of our day is inviting, comprehensive and delegate of the colossal decent variety of this incredible nation.

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Invasion Day 2020 March, Rally & Protests

It is hostile to commend massacre and the endeavored oppression of more than 500 unique countries.

Go along with us in our tranquil dissent against the proceeding with John Howard driven style of jingoistic Nationalism (Fascism), propping up the frontier harsh state.

We should prepare for Invasion Day 2020

Police numbers for late years:

2015: 400 individuals

2016: 6,000 individuals

2017: 12,000 individuals

2018: 30,000 individuals

2019: 50 to 60,000 individuals

The force for change is here, the energy for change is currently, be a piece of that force.

The war on Aboriginal individuals proceeds…

Power never surrendered and Justice denied

This convention will stamp a long time since British military powers attacked Gadigal land and pronounced British principle over this landmass, alongside Aotearoa and other Pacific Islands.

While pioneer system keeps on holding a day of festivity, we oppose the continuous war against Aboriginal individuals.

From the brutalisation of dark youth in confinement, the homicide of people in authority, the robbery of youngsters from families, the annihilation of Aboriginal terrains to nourish corporate benefits, the politically-sanctioned racial segregation NT Intervention, the constrained evacuation of networks.

First Nations on this mainland are under substantial attack from another rush of dispossession. Be that as it may, the fightback is additionally developing and direly needs your help.

FIRE accepts that joining individuals and gatherings from varying backgrounds, and working in solidarity against the pioneer framework and the supremacist outlook that was brought here in 1788 is essential to all battles against persecution and abuse.

This meeting has been started by FIRE Fighting In Resistance Equally, an alliance that sorted out the last 3 effective and fruitful “Attack Day 2017 convention – no pride in decimation!”, “Intrusion Day 2018” and “Intrusion Day 2019 (Sydney)” alongside different occasions all through 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

2020 must be particularly significant (and FIRE needs your assistance) to make Gweagal/Bidjigal #resist250 huge to counter the Govt’s turn about Cook 25-April to 3 May (29-April-2020).

#AbolishAustraliaDay Campaign

Consistently for a long time Aboriginal individuals have grieved on the 26th of January, this isn’t a day for festivity, consistently they will be on parliament steps calling to nullify australia day, a day that commends the burglary of our properties, the decimation of our kin and ecocide of our totems…

#AbolishAustraliaDay is a battle lead by Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) and upheld by Aboriginal individuals inside in Indigenous people group. WAR are a gathering of Aboriginal individuals the nation over battling for our sway, land and equity.

They have been crusading to #AbolishAustraliaDay (#AAD). #AAD battle means to bring issues to light of the treatment of Aboriginal individuals in purported australia. We remain on the shoulders of goliaths as we proceed with the battle like Uncle Jack Patten and Uncle William Cooper did in the avenues of Eora Nations 26 January 1938, stamping it as the Day of Mourning.


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