Dining and beyond

Experience never stops at DLF Mall of India, Noida, and that is the very essence of it all. It is easy to build a space for all - but to make it all a collective experience, is altogether a different ball game. We bring you some of the world-class flavours just a stroll away.

A safe space to cherish the goodness of creating memories and have fun while doing so: this is the mantra we live by. Our dining and cafe sections are as good as the shopping and entertainment sections. Apart from all of these, we have brought to you some really interesting choices of flavours to dig in.

Since we have many amazing flavours in abundance, this list will only have some of the top picks. Let’s see what’s in store for you!

Fabulous brunch spots

The best way to spend your Sundays: Head over to Cafe Delhi Heights or Chili’s.

These places are sure to make your Sundays a fun day to relish some of the tasty delicacies you always wanted to dig into. From Italy’s cheese-infused pizzas to the American burgers, you will be delighted to see the range of food on offer. Do give them a try to curb those Sunday hunger pangs. Just sit back and relax over a good Sunday brunch.

Planning a boy's night out?

Noida Social and The Irish House are just the place for you to hang out with your buds!

Hanging out at places evokes a great feeling of joy in all of us, and when you do it with your boys and girls, the fun level maxes automatically. The booze, the food and the ambience - all of it implodes into one tasty affair of enjoyment. Next time, when you are looking for a place to chill with your gang, look no further and head straight to DLF Mall of India, Noida.

Perfect eateries

For a famjam meal from Daryaganj to Burma Burma to Soda Bottle Opener Wala, your fam and you can take your picks.

Options at times make you think for a bit more, as choices are something which makes us all question what could be the best. Having said that, we can certainly assure you to pick any of them and you are golden. A relaxing ambience to indulge in and savour the tasty treats for your taste buds is on offer here.

Looking for a place for a coffee date!?

Fret not! Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Cafe Coffee Day Lounge - you name it and it's all here.

All these places have one thing in common: they serve some of the best tasting coffees. You must have already experienced the tasty cocoa bursting with every sip you take. Apart from those cuppa delightful drinks, you can also relish some of the quick bites - ranging from tasty sandwiches to pastas - which are indeed a thing to dig into, once you are thinking about ordering something to munch on. A cup of good coffee and some great conversation is all you need to make any mundane day a bit more interesting.

For all the sweet cravings you've got!

From The Big Chill Cakery with its heavenly desserts to Naturals Ice Cream with its creamy delights to Dunkin Donuts with its delish donuts, DLF Mall of India, Noida, has got you covered!

The only thing you would want to think about is what kind of flavour you would want to dig into, just because they have a myriad of choices to pick from. The sweet tooth is never satisfied and is always looking for more of that sweet sensation to relish. Whether you are an ice cream person or you like those tasty donuts, all you need is to step into DLF Mall of India, Noida, and you are sorted.

We know how tough a shopping spree can get, and that is why we have so much on offer for our beloved shoppers. All that energy spent needs to be refuelled with some scrumptious delicacies and the list above is certainly a testament to it. So, when we say that we have got your back, it is definitely a promise we will deliver upon. Next time when you are at DLF Mall of India, Noida, do try these awesome eateries and have a delightful time.

Gifts for Him

The festive season is here and ready for some cheer. Be the best gift-givers with an amazing Gifts For Him collection at DLF Mall of India from the biggest and brightest brands!

Brooks Brothers Clothing Collection

When you want to charm your way to something, you can count on Brooks Brothers!

Be it crisp shirts in beautiful colours or a tie collection that never fails, Brooks Brothers is your go-to brand to get something special for your loved ones!

INR 4000 onwards.

Forest Essentials Shaving Collection

To get that perfectly smooth skin and a nice groomed stubble, all you need is this Forest Essentials' grooming products.

With the goodness of Sandalwood and Orange Peel, its pre-shave oil (INR 695), shaving cream (INR 1350) and after-shave (INR 1450) are all you need to set your eyes on!

Perfumes by Parcos

Who doesn't like to hear "you smell good"? Get showered with compliments after you get yourselves this range of luxury fragrances offered by Parcos!

Versace perfumes at INR 6450 with a discount of 10%.

Giorgio Armani perfumes at INR 6000.

ck perfumes at INR 4525.

Go a little extra with M. Micallef Perfumes with their trademark woody fragrance at INR 17920.

Watches by Kapoor Watch Co.

When in doubt, go for a wristwatch that never fails to impress.

Kapoor Watch Co. is acing the watch game with its stunning luxury brands collection!

With GC watch at INR 42900, Armani watch at INR 22995, and Guess watch at 9900n, gift your partner the best out there!

Sneakers by Vans

The sneaker collection at DLF Mall of India is enough to make your favourite person's day epic!

With a variety of colours, styles and prints at Vans, you'll get so many choices to choose from, and the secret is, you can never go wrong at picking the right one when all of them are the best ones.

Starting from INR 3999 with an offer of buy 1, 40% off and buy 2, 50% off.

Bags by Hidesign

The accessories are what makes an outfit stand out so how can we miss out on talking about them?

Hidesign brings an amazing collection of laptop bags, wallets, and backpacks that will bring your fashion game to a whole different level!

Wallet at INR 1395

Bags at INR 12595

T-shirts by Rare Rabbit

Level up with Rare Rabbit and their amazing t-shirts collection. Want something funky or a bit classy? You'll find anything and everything right here!

With a variety of t-shirts available from Polo to Round styles, dress your best with Rare Rabbit.

Polo T-shirts at INR 3000 onwards.

Round T-shirts at INR 1500

Essentials by Muji India

What's better than gifting a gesture in disguise of beautiful stationary by Muji India.

You can find the smallest to the biggest gift items here that will win your favorite people's hearts!

Pens at INR 90

Round Body Fountain Pen at INR 1190

Diffusers at INR 2990 onwards

Gift your loved ones all kinds of stunning presents to make their festive season epic and wonderful!

Gifts for Her

As we embrace the festive season, there's no better time to show the women in your life, what they mean to you. And what better way to show that, than getting some amazing gifts for her to use and flaunt?

This season, gift your loved one a joyful present that will bring a smile on her face!

Shop for a beautiful collection, from clothes, to make up, to jewelry, and make her day ever-so-amazing!

Eye Makeup from Inglot


Want smokey eyes or a subtle nude look, Inglot's eye makeup collection has got you covered.

Go all out with its mascara, different kinds of eyeliners, and pigments. And when you want to go a little extra, get your hands on its variety of eyelashes and its colours!

Jewellery by Forevermark

"Diamonds are girls' best friends."

Following that quote (truth), when it comes to gifting diamonds, you can never go wrong!

Forevermark brings you their stunning collection of earrings, necklace, rings and bracelets to gift your precious person.

Green Tea Skin-care Kit by Innisfree

Who doesn't love pampering themselves? So when it comes to skin care products, Innisfree is here to serve you with all your needs!

Its green tea kit containing face wash, face serum, with sleeping mask, toner and moisturizer as complimentary, can easily be your go-to product for your everyday skincare regime.

Bags by Aldo

Thinking about the best place to find that perfect bag? Aldo never fails to impress! With an amazing discount of 40% on all items, Aldo can easily be your first choice when it comes to getting stylish and classy bags. From a clutch to shoulder bags to a sling bag, Aldo has it all!

Lip colours by MAC

Still confused what to get your favourite person? Let's bring MAC in the picture! MAC lip colours can easily become anybody's favourite with its absolutely stunning new range.

With the quirky names of Laal Ishq and Tere Naina and pretty shades of Ruby Woo and Soar, you can't say no to MAC!

Heels by Steve Madden

We all know how precious heels are for women. It takes so much time and effort to find that perfect pair. But what better gift than a pair of heels that will go with anything and everything!

Steve Madden brings you their heels collection that will leave you in awe of it! Grab 'em already and impress the Mrs!

Wrist Watches by Longines

When nothing seems right, get your hands on an elegant wrist watch and forget all the worries!

With a stunning collection of luxury wrist watches, Longines brings you the kind of elegance you've always wanted!

Skin Longwear Wetless Foundation by Bobbi Brown

The foundation is literally the foundation of the entire makeup. If that sets right, you're ready to turn some heads on your way!

With Bobbi Brown's wetless foundation, achieving that flawless makeup look is like a cakewalk!

The beautiful collection by these stores are all you need to get that perfect smile on your partner's face. So visit the mall and get shopping already!